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a glorious and unique 5-WEEK journey for women who are ready to say FUCK YES to epic s3x, love, and relationships! 

In this 1:1 personalized- intensive container you will come into energetic alignment with who you truly are; uncover your deepest desires, release, heal and alchemise past wounding and limiting beliefs around love, the way you relate to your body, your sexuality, your personal power, your inner feminine and masculine, and create empowering truths in alignment with your original essence.


And the best part? You get to all of this in a way that feels easy, fun, and delicious in your body.


I realized there are hundreds of books and courses out there that teach about self love, healing, spirituality, and self actualization through “One size fits all” strategies, but people are still not achieving the results they want because there is a HUGE component missing in these teachings, and that is: Embodiment and energy work.


That is why I birthed Pleasure Alchemist.


This intimate container focuses on creating an open, safe, accepting space for you to discover your deepest truth, and embody new belief systems that support you in creating the life and experiences you desire through an approach based on somatic healing, pleasure practices, ancestral and generational trauma release, embodied manifestation, and goal-envisioning processes.



Learn tools and practices to feel empowered and liberated in s3x, love, and relationships.

Restore a sense of aliveness, worthiness, and wholeness.

 Unify your inner Queen and King, for a reality full of integrated abundance.  

 Completely transform the way you relate to your body; your sexuality, your personal power, and deepest desires.

 Create empowering narratives and relationships to your emotions and train them in powerful ways to harness emotional courage and maturity

 Come home to yourself; release and upgrade old patterns, beliefs, and conditioning that are no longer in alignment with your deepest truth.

 Cultivate an inner space to call in what you REALLY want in your life- I’m talking about your wildest dreams baby! 

Experience relaxed confidence and intimate union with your feminine energy and unlock the power of your magnetic potential.

Learn practices to get out of your head and fully Inhabit your body as the sacred, breathing altar that holds the guidance you need most.

Feel alive, connected, ecstatic, and in celebration for all that you are! 



• 5x 60-minute video call sessions

• A recording of each session

• A recap with notes sent to your email after each session

Access to me via Email / or WhatsApp 15 hours per day (Monday - Sat) which means: unlimited email & voice note support.

• Personalized embodiment practices tailored to your unique needs and desires 

• List of book recommendations to support your journey

• A curated playlist for your practices

PLUS:1 week of play, pleasure, and rest for deeper integration in between sessions.

Once you complete week #3 of the program you will have a full week to let your nervous system rest and process what you've worked on so far. This is very important as you will be moving through deep internal work that may bring up intense emotions and a desire for deeper introspection.

A big component of this program is to learn how to clear out lingering blockages, stuckness, and expand on what feels good and empowering in your body through the sacred and supportive powers of pleasure.


This also means there will be no weekly call during this week.

I'm deeply grateful for Kayleen's work. It has helped me to start approaching life from a different perspective- one that feels more connected and aligned with myself. I'm applying the principles I've learned while working with Kayleen in my daily life. I've learned to make myself a priority, my desires a priority, my pleasure a priority!! I mean, this is so freaking worth it!

– Natalie



• You desire to express yourself authentically in your relationships; speak your truth with confidence, set healthy boundaries, communicate your needs and desires.

• You are struggling to find yourself after a breakup– or desire to feel empowered and confident in your romantic relationship (current or future.)

• Surrendering and opening to love + intimacy makes you feel unsafe and unable to fully trust others.

• Letting others see you for who you truly are makes you feel anxious and insecure.

• You feel ready to release and transform old patterns and conditioning that no longer serve you into empowering beliefs in alignment with your original essence.


• You desire to cultivate a more intimate connection with yourself; feel liberated and safe in your body and s3xual expression.

• You are ready to create your life from a place of empowerment and deep connection with all that you are. Time to welcome your fullest expression baby!

• You are going through a time of deep transition in your life and desire to be supported along the way. 


Spots are limited for Pleasure Alchemist, and are only accepted upon application.

If your application is accepted, you will be invited into an intimate, sacred container on a compatibility call with me, where you will be held with safety and love.

To apply, make sure to fill out the form below.


Please do not apply if you are not ready to begin work straight away.


You'll hear back from me soon if we are an aligned match.

Get $100 OFF and pay $597 USD in full or split the payments over two months (2 x $299 USD payments) Until 10/31/21. After this date, the price will go up to $697USD.


Thanks for submitting your application!​

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