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Feminine Radiance has allowed me to discover all the power and potential that exist within me. Thanks to this experience and all the incredible women who were part of such intimate container, I have been able to identify and release internal blockages that were holding me back from creating the life of my wildest dreams.

Before starting this process, I felt confused, insecure, lost, and operating from a place of fear. I wasn’t really sure what my life's purpose was and after 3 weeks of working through the program, the connection to my body and my intuition expanded in such a way that one day I just felt it ALL—I knew exactly from the bottom of my heart what my mission was in this planet. On the last week of the masterclass, I had already identified the action plan to bring this mission into reality. Everything happened so fast and flowed so easily that I still can't believe it!

Thanks to Feminine Radiance and especially Kay, I have learned to connect with my body like never before— to truly listen to the inner voice and use it as my secret weapon to reach my full potential, because now I can understand that she is the guide that holds all the answers.

I now welcome into my life all my feminine power, pleasure, magnetism, depth, strength, and voice.


–Valeria Euler


The feminine radiance class was such an amazing experience. I don't think I've ever really been open to discussing the topics we did but Kayleen really made the space feel very safe and welcoming. Prior to taking this class, I was in a bit of a confusing place, and being in the space she created really organized the chaos that was in my head. I have known Kayleen for a few years now so I put my trust into her program and I'm so happy I did. Before going into this program I moved through life fairly "robotic" and routined without taking the time to really understand who I was as an individual. I was always on the go with no concern of what I really needed spiritually or mentally. Throughout the masterclass, I began to utilize her teachings and workbooks to open my eyes and see the world around me in a new light. I no longer put energy into things that do not serve me but now put my focus on my own needs. The masterclass really allowed me to release the chaos in my mind and make room for the little pleasures. I no longer look at myself in the mirror and wish to see something different or someone else. I am more mindful and in control of the things that do serve me and make me happy. Kayleen created a judgment-free space that was full of peace and warmth. I met some incredible women and for the first time I understood what it meant to be a part of a sisterhood. Working with Kayleen is something that I am forever grateful for. She is a beautiful friend and an amazing mentor. 


– Selena Moya


Feminine Radiance me ha permitido descubrir todo el poder y el potencial que existen dentro de mi. Gracias a esta experiencia y a todas las mujeres increíbles que la vivieron conmigo, he logrado identificar y eliminar bloqueos internos que no me permitían avanzar en relación a mis metas de vida.

Antes de empezar este proceso me sentía confundida, insegura, perdida y con muchísimo miedo de actuar, sin saber exactamente cuál era el propósito de mi vida. Al cabo de 3 semanas de trabajo en Feminine Radiance, la conexión con mi cuerpo y mi intuición había crecido de tal manera que un día simplemente lo sentí en TODO mi cuerpo, supe exactamente desde el fondo de mi corazón cuál era mi misión. En la cuarta semana ya tenía definido el plan de acción para hacer de esta misión mi proyecto de vida. Todo pasó tan rápido y con tanta facilidad que todavía no puedo creerlo, simplemente todo fluyó.

Gracias a esta experiencia y especialmente a Kay, he aprendido a conectarme con mi cuerpo como nunca antes, a escucharlo, a entenderlo y usarlo como mi arma secreta para alcanzar mi máximo potencial, porque el es mi guía y tiene todas las respuestas.

Feminine Radiance me devolvió mi poder femenino, mi placer, mi magnetismo, mi infinidad, mi fuerza y mi voz.


–Valeria Euler


I owe so much to Kayleen and what I have learned and discovered about myself through the Feminine Radiance Masterclass. I was hugely struggling within myself. I spent the majority of my time sitting in my masculine energy, to the extent that I couldn’t connect with my feminine. I wasn’t confident, I didn’t ‘know’ who I was anymore. I didn’t know what was missing and why I felt how I did. I stumbled upon Kayleen and her masterclasses and knew I had to be part of it. The transformation I have had I cannot even put into words. Kayleen holds such a beautiful and calm space where you can really dig deep and reconnect with your true essence. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for all you do xx


– Ali Triscott

I walked into this a little bit skeptical, but the Feminine Radiance Masterclass experience with Kayleen honestly blew my mind. I learned so much about myself sitting during some of the sessions crying because I came to the realization that I had been neglecting myself. The feelings and emotions trapped in my body. Kayleen’s masterclass helped me to open up to these wounds and start working on them– one way was creating a space to release these trapped emotions through dancing and meditation which I had never thought of if it wasn’t for Kayleen. I loved the journaling each week which helped me get to know myself deeper and rewrite some of my old stories that no longer benefit me.

I also loved that you are sharing this journey together with other incredible women, supporting each other and you are never alone. Kayleen was also there to reply to my DMs on IG if I needed advice. I am SO grateful we crossed paths and definitely recommend her workshop to other women who want to love themselves more.



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