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Join me for this exquisite 1-hour FREE LIVE masterclass


Learn 4 key ingredients to unlock your pleasure capacity, unleash your sensual radiance, and revolutionize your sex life

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Are you ready to unleash your most liberated, radiant, and sexually empowered self?


As women, there’s BIG encoded conditioning we carry around our sexuality.


Whether it is religious, cultural, or social, there’s all this pressure to fit in a specific and limiting box of what female sexuality ‘should’ look like, leaving us feeling insecure and unsafe to be in our sexual expression.


These unrealistic expectations can make us feel like we should either hide, repress, and shame our sexuality, or on the complete opposite be overly sexual.


But through the art of embodiment, you get to re-define a new empowered meaning of sexuality that is authentic and true to YOU…

So that you can access the most vibrant self love, unlock your deepest pleasure capacity, and fully shine in your unapologetic erotic expression!

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 In the Embodied Pleasure Experience you will learn:

• The 4 key ingredients you need to cultivate to access deeper states of surrender, receptivity, and pleasure within your body

• How breast massage and self pleasure can support you in expanding your pleasure capacity and orgasmic potential

• How to liberate your sexual energy and experience sexuality in its fullness by allowing your emotions in each present moment


•  How to discover your own body not from an intellectual space, but from a meaning and experiential space

• How to use your sexual energy as a source of nourishment, empowerment, and healing

Ready to reclaim your sexual magnificence?


Join Me Live On May 21st At 12pm Est To Learn How! 

I’ll be revealing the 4 key ingredients to unlock your sexual radiance through a powerful live guided practice…

You’ll learn how to fully embody these teachings and use them to completely revolutionize your sex life. 

When you liberate your pleasure there’s so much more that gets liberated…


Your truest, most authentic feminine expression

Your body
Your voice

Your sensuality

Your sexuality 

Your creativity

Your power

Your intuition  


The way you relate to your sexuality is a direct roadmap to understanding how you relate to other aspects of your life--including sex, love, intimacy, relationships, spirituality...

The more you honor it, love it, accept it, and celebrate it, the more free, alive, and abundant you will become!


Hi love, I'm Kayleen Mesa.

I am a Feminine Embodiment & Self-Love Coach, dedicated to supporting you in the journey to reclaim your sacred, authentic, and liberated Feminine & Sexual expression.

Through energy work, embodiment tools, and techniques I created and adapted over the course of my life, I help women dismantle the self-limiting patterns, social conditioning, and unhealed wounds that hold them back from stepping into their most radiant, ecstatic, and fulfilled womanhood.


It's my mission to guide you into a life that feels aligned, harmonious, and abundant by integrating and welcoming all aspects of yourSELF.


This self-discovery journey it’s about reclaiming your personal power, your body, and your sacred feminine connection. It’s about remembering the pulsating life force that exists within you, as you expand your consciousness and create a life aligned with your deepest truth.

If you sense the possibility to feel both free and fulfilled emotionally, sexually, relationally, spiritually, and creatively, I’d love to be a support to you on your journey. It's my hope to be a voice of light and liberation as you remember the path back home, to yourself.

Much love,


Join me for this FREE LIVE event and learn how to unlock your deepest pleasure, radiant sensuality, and liberated erotic expression.

Are you com-ing? 

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