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My deepest desire is for you to create your life from a place of deep love, reverence, and alignment with your deepest truth. This 90 minute container is an invitation to re-wire a new understanding of your body as a devotional vehicle in life, alchemize past wounding into empowerment, and ground in your authentic feminine expression as the fuel to bring forth your most profound desires into existence.


My 90 Minute Soul Alignment Sessions are the perfect opportunity for us to work together if you are not ready for a long term commitment. These are perfect for women who desire to receive support and guidance on something specific around intimacy, love, and relationships.  



•  You have been a client or– in my programs and you would like to do a reboot or more customized support with me every so often.


You are seeking a guided embodied practice with me that includes personalized feedback that I can't give in group sessions.


•  You are facing an obstacle or block and need to be led in a way that you can't lead yourself and need a breakthrough.

You need a mirror to see what you cannot see, because yes, we all have blind spots.

•  You are ready to show up as the most authentic version of you in all aspects of your life (work, s3x, relationships, etc.) and desire to cultivate an empowered relationship with your voice, body, desires, and fullest expression.


How Does It Work?

Get crystal clear on the areas of your life you would like to receive my support and guidance during our 90 minute session. Fill out the form below and I will get back to you ASAP!


Not only do you get a 90 minute session with me, but you also get 14 days of messaging access to me via Voxer app, so you can experience a deep and powerful integration of our work together. This means I will be in your back pocket supporting you for 2 weeks which is pretty amazing ;)


My 90 Minute Feminine Embodiment Sessions are either $275 usd pay in full or you can split the payments over two months (2 x $137 usd payments)

I'm deeply grateful for Kayleen's work. It has helped me to start approaching life from a different perspective- one that feels more connected and aligned with myself. I'm applying the principles I've learned while working with Kayleen in my daily life. I've learned to make myself a priority, my desires a priority, my pleasure a priority!! I mean, this is so freaking worth it!

– Natalie

Thanks for submitting!​


You will receive an email within the next 72 hrs with a link to schedule your 90 minute Feminine Embodiment Session.

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