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Deepen the connection to your pleasure, activate your confidence, and awaken to the power of your sensual body with this FREE guided embodiment practice.

Why embodiment?

Embodiment is taking your practice into your physical body and not just in the mind or soul. This is how we reactivate the energy centers in our body with creative life force, reclaiming our bodies as sacred instruments for

Creativity. Pleasure. Connection. Purpose. and Passion.

In this guided practice, you will use your breath, sound the sensations and your body, and surrender to your senses as tools for emotional processing, clearing away stagnant energy, helping you come into your heart, and drop out of your head.

This practice will AWAKEN you to your sensual power & help you come back to a surrendered state of love and aliveness.

Enjoy yourself. You deserve it♡


How to prepare

You will need these tools and accessories for your 5 senses awakening practice:
• Smell - essential oils (organic, non-synthetic, pure); incense (organic); flowers or food.

• Taste - Delicious food. (Chocolate, fruit, etc.)

• Sight - a mirror where you can look at and connect with the visual of your own body

• Touch - your body

• Sound - music + your voice - you will speak compliments to yourself to activate your sensuality and pleasure

Make your space inviting

Creating a sacred space for practice and connection is essential for a powerful experience and deepen the relationship to your feminine essence.


Making your space inviting for ceremony is a wonderful way to engage with your own expression of beauty, creativity, vision, and ritual. By “altars,” I don’t mean religious displays, but rather collections of items that are meaningful to you. Think flowers, crystals, photos, art, etc.

The act of putting together a selection of items, spending time with them, and displaying them in a way that they can be seen and felt, is very powerful on many levels. This is a visual reminder or affirmation, as well as a way to bring more beauty and meaning into your life.

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